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Windsor Tournaments

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Information on Tuesday Tournament chess Updated 30 June 2015

Results of Sunday Tournament chess Updated 28 June 2015

Windsor ratings (active players, Updated 27 May 2015 )

Chess Ratings, calculated by the Chess Federation of Canada

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CYCC 2015 Windsor website

Universal Spring Swiss Dearborn

There were 14 Windsor players playing in Dearborn last weekend at the Adoba Hotel.  As usual the Windsor players were well represented when it came time to collect the trophies and cash.  Anitej Bhaskar was first in the under 1000 section.  Jeannie Zhang won $60 in the under 1600.  Lily Zhou won $120 with 4/6 winning the under 2000 class prize.  I (Vlad Drkulec) shared second place with 4.5/6 behind youngster Awonder Liang who finished with 5.5/6.  I won four of the five games I played losing the third round on Saturday after changing my mind and not taking the bye that I had initially signed up for and lost the game which seems to be a recurring theme.  In any case I won at least $120 as I had to leave to give a lesson Sunday evening before learning the final results.

Vlad - June 5, 2015

Jeffrey Zhu 2nd in Chicago Open Under 1900

While many of the Windsor players were at OYCC, Jeffrey Zhu played in the Chicago Open, scored 6/7, and was undefeated with five wins and two draws.  He won $1250  and gained 93 rating points.  Jeffrey's new USCF rating is 1972.

Ontario Youth Chess Championships

Patrick McDonald organized and directed the Ontario Youth Chess Championship in Kitchener this past weekend.  There were a total of 186 players from across the province competing for a chance to call themselves Ontario Champion and earn a spot in the Canadian Youth Chess Championship taking place in Windsor July 6 - July 9, 2015.

Windsor/Lasalle/Amherstburg sent a record 52 players to Kitchener including a large number of newcomers as shown by the tournament website: .  

Rohan Talukdar just returned from a visit to India where he found the food or water didn't agree with him, but still shook off his illness long enough to tie with Torontonian Nicholas Vettese for first place in the largest (46 player) under 12 open section.  Adam Gaisinsky finished tied for third in the same section.  Rachel Tao won the under 16 girls while sister Kaitlan Tao finished 3rd in under 8 girls.  Jezzel Farkas finished second in the under 10 girls.  Rahma Gillan tied for second in under 14 girls.  Zhehai Zhang finished third in under 14 boys.

Rohan, Adam, Rachel, Rahma and Zhehai all honed their skills in the famous Sobeys Friday night chess classes. My internet student Areez Bhangi tied for third in under 10 boys.  Areez and sister Zaynah had a clean sweep in their games with Windsor players.

Coaches Zoltan Kiraly and myself (Vlad Drkulec) accompanied the kids and their parents to Kitchener and offered analysis, advice and encouragement between rounds.   We would like to thank the parents for their generous support which helped pay for our hotel, food and gas for OYCC.  It was and is greatly appreciated by both of us.

There were many good performances by Windsor and Essex County players.  With a bit of luck there could have been a few additional champions from our area.  I am hesitant to start naming names for fear of leaving someone out but there were many players who performed well above their rating.  I will say a bit more about these later tonight.

Vlad - May 25, 2015

Henry Zhang Canadian Chess Challenge Champion!

Henry Zhang is Canadian grade 6 champion with a score of 8.5/9 at the Chess and Math Association's Canadian Chess Challenge in Montreal this past weekend. More details as I get them.  Its great to see Henry back to his usual winning ways.  May 19, 2015.

Ontario Open - Allan Masterson wins U1600 section

On the weekend Allan Masterson had an impressive 4.5/6 score which allowed him to tie for first despite being one of the lowest rated players in the section.  Allan should gain 200 points if my calculations are correct. Several Windsor players found themselves in a similar position of being the lowest rated player in their section so it will be interesting to see the rating gains when the ratings come out this week.  I don't have the final results but we saw Lily Zhou (who won $85 in the blitz championship), You Zhou, Stefano Lee (who played up in the under 2000 section because of his FIDE rating and managed to improve his CFC rating and even his FIDE rating), Alan Bui, Jacob and Adam Gaisinsky rounding out the Windsor contingent.  I expect that there should be some significant rating gains for several of the Windsor players.   Also at the tournament were my online students Areez and Zaynah Bhanji who had reasonable results which should result in some rating gains.  I hope to have a photo of Allan and his coach with his prize check shortly.

I had a miserable tournament battling lack of sleep and food poisoning.  Maybe I will have to start taking lessons from Allan, Rohan, Henry or one of my other students or former students instead of giving them.

The nice thing about chess is that the clock and point total is reset once again for the next game and tournament.  On to OYCC next week and the Universal Spring Swiss at the Adoba in Dearborn over the next two weekends.

Vlad - May 19, 2015

Windsor Results of Ontario Chess Challenge April 19th, 2015

I received the following email from Jeremy Mathews on the results of the OCC tournament:

Hello Vlad,
When you get a chance, could you please publish the results of the Ontario Chess Challenge 2015 that was held in Toronto on April 17, 2015?
Report from Vincent Massey Chess Club:
More than 20 qualified kids from Windsor Chess Club participated in the Ontario Chess Challenge 2015 that was held in Toronto on April 17, 2015. All of the Windsor Chess kids did very well and the big Windsor winners at the tournament are:
JK/SK : Caden Zhang - 4th place
Grade 6 : Henry Zhang  - 1st place
Grade 7: Lily Zhou- 10th place
Grade 8: Jeffery Zhu - 2nd place
Grade 9: Tyler D'Amore - 3rd place
Grade 9: Karthik Baskaran -7th place
Grade 10: Jeremy Mathews -7th place
The Massey Chess Club would like to thank all the parents for your support and bringing the kids to Toronto for the tournament today. If I missed or incorrectly stated any results for the Windsor kids, please add to/change the list and inform us.
Thank you,
Jeremy Mathews
Vincent Massey Chess Club Organizer
Congratulations to all our trophy winners and to all who drove four hours to participate.

Grade 6 : Henry Zhang  - 1st place

While several Windsor kids travelled to Toronto for OCC our own Rachel Tao and her sisters travelled to Chicago to take part in the Susan Polgar girls tournament.  John Coleman forwarded this message from Christina Tao:

Hi John,

I am glad to see all the good results from OCC in Toronto.  Congratulations to all.

I would like to add one more.  One the same weekend as most players went to Toronto, we left on Friday morning and went to Chicago for All-Girls National Chess Championship for a 3-days event from April 17-19.

Rachel tie for 5th (place 7th after tie break) in her U16 group with total of 35 players in her section.  Rachel won 3 games, drew 2 games and only lost to the top winner   I believe this is by far the best result she has in this event.

I am really happy for her.  Ellen and Kaitlyn is doing as normal. no surprise.  


I will post a picture with trophy once I resolve some technical difficulties with the website that doesn't want to post the picture.

OCC Qualifier at Massey High School, Monday April 13th

Some 60 players fought it out for the third and final attempt to qualify for OCC at Massey High School on a Monday evening.  I am missing a few names.

Qualifiers for OCC included

Eric Duong Grade 2

Wendy Zhang Grade 3

Arnold Jupudi Grade 4

Daniyal Bin Zaid Grade 4

Kevin Wang Grade 5

Dane Hostrawser Grade 5

Kamil Stokowski Grade 6

Sat Arora Grade 6

Wade Masse tied for silver in Grade 6 but lost the playoff

Karthik Baskaran Grade 9

Reynold Jupudi Grade 10

CYCC Fundraiser exceeds all expectations!

The parents and CYCC volunteers can be proud of the wonderful show put on at the Fundraiser for CYCC at the Ciociaro Club Friday April 17th.  I hope someone will send me a link to some pictures so that I can post them on the website.  There was music, singing, dancing (Thai, Chinese, Indian and belly dancing) and some pretty good pasta served up for all to enjoy.  There were over 500 people in attendance and something like 600 tickets sold.  Forget Toronto.  The chess capital of Canada for kids chess is Windsor, Ontario!

Huy Nguyen's photos of the festivities can be seen here.

Jacob Gaisinsky is distracted from his chess game by the camera.  Alan Bui plays Devin Feng in the background. Photo by Huy Nguyen

Chess Challenge Playoffs bigger than ever

I don't have an exact count yet but it seems like there were more than 200 players at the Chess Challenge Playoffs and YCC today.   My guess is that at least half or more of the players qualified for CYCC.  More details and hopefully some pictures when people send me their snapshots and the Chess Challenge website is updated.

March 28th Massey High School CMA OCC qualifier #2

Despite competition from a Science Fair and an overflowing cornucopia of chess activities over the next few weekends the Massey CMA tournament attracted a very respectable 46 players.  Most sections were round robins with the exception of the Grade 5 and grade 6 groups which were Swisses.

I will have a full report when I get the full results but I know that Alan Bui was wearing a gold medal in Grade 3 and Sarah Ye had the bronze in Grade 2.  

Andreas Boscariol won a gold medal in Grade 4. I believe Rachel Ng had silver.

Anitej Bhaskar tied with Moira Periappuram for Gold in Grade 5 and then won the playoff though not before a tense moment when Moira could have won his queen in the opening with a knight fork after he greedily attacked two knights that had jumped forward in the opening.  There is a reason that queens are not supposed to come out early.  Kevin Wang scored bronze a mere half a point back of the winners.

In Grade 6, which was the biggest section with 10 players, Kevin Cui rolled through the field with a perfect 5-0 score for the gold. Adam Gaisinky and Shivan Gaur shared silver and second place with 4-1 scores with both losing to Kevin Cui to ruin their otherwise perfect scores.

Fundraiser for CYCC - Pasta Dinner at Ciociaro Club April 17

As most of you know we are holding the Canadian Youth Chess Championship in Windsor July 6th through July 9th, 2015.  This is a massive undertaking which will result in more than three hundred kids both boys and girls aged five to 18 from across Canada converging on the Waterfront Hotel in Windsor for the opportunity to become the official players from Canada at the World Youth Chess Championship in Greece in November.

A night of entertainment and delicious pasta are planned for Friday, April 17th.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children under 10 years old. Tickets are available at First Choice Chinese Restaurant at 2981 Longfellow Ave., or by calling Isabella at 519-980-0348.

Here is a write up from the Windsor Star blog.

Hertan Hierarchy for analyzing chess positions on Instructors page

Website with free tactics, endgames and annotated games

I got the following email from Timothy Mifsud the administrator of a new website.


We thought it might be of interest for your members to take a look at the website site contans over 5 million games, updated weekly, analysed games, game puzzles, endgame studies, news about tournaments, opening novelties and much more.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could circulate this information amongst your members.

Thanks and best regards,

I checked out the website and noticed that it had lots of useful features.  I know many of you are on a budget and looking for websites that allow you to study tactics and endgames for free.  The website is simple but it seems to be useful and free so check it out.  Vlad.

March 29th, 2015.

TOLEDO MARCH 2015 SWISS  2015-03-14 

Several Windsor kids made the trip to Toledo last weekend to play in a four round, one day tournament with a time control of game in 75 minutes with a five second delay per move.  Max Zhu scored a perfect four wins in the under 1600 section.

In the open section Rohan Talukdar scored second place with three out of four including two wins against masters (Kevin Noren and John C. Bidwell) and only losing to a 2152 player (William L. Gorham) who won the tournament with 4 points.  Rohan's rating in the U.S. is now 2020 making him Windsor's newest expert.  Rohan has been working hard and is getting used to beating up on masters.  I am very proud of my student Rohan and the other Windsor kids who have shown once again that no one can take anything for granted when playing against them.   Jeffrey Zhu drew with a master (Noren) as well and scored 2.5/4 which was good enough for a share of fifth place.  Lily Zhou drew with a 2276 player (Bidwell).

Ontario Chess Challenge Qualifier at Massey Friday March 6th, 2015

FIRST CMA-RATED* TOURNAMENT CONDUCTED BY THE MASSEY CHESS CLUB.  Winners qualified for 2015 Ontario Chess Challenge in Toronto!  Players from Kindergarten to Grade 12 were eligible to play.

The biggest Windsor CMA tournament in years just concluded with 73 participants. The cafeteria was full of kids.  The following players qualified for the Ontario Chess Challenge.  Lily Zhou is already qualified.  A playoff will determine the additional qualifier for grade 7.

Grade  Student Name School
Kindergarden Caden Zhang- SK Northwood P.S. 
Grade 1 William Zhang Monseigneur-Jean-Noël
Grade 2 Madison Zhou Bellewood P.S.
Grade 3 Max Zhu Bellewood P.S
Grade 4 Jezzel Farkas St. Anne French Immersion School
Grade 5 Cole Cyrenne Hugh Beaton
Grade 6 Henry Zhang Bellewood P.S.
Grade 6* Jeannie Zhang Northwood P.S.
Grade 7 Lily Zhou Bellewood P.S.
Grade 8 Jeffrey Zhu Bellewood P.S.
Grade 9 Tyler D'Amore Honorable Vincent Massey S.S.
Grade 10 Robert Lupoiu Riverside S.S.
Grade 11 Dilpreet Chana Honorable Vincent Massey S.S.
Grade 12 Yussef Ourchane Riverside S.S.

Windsor Chess Challenge March 3rd to March 4th

1500 kids competed over two days to see who were the best players in Windsor.  There were many familiar names and faces and many new ones.

Ontario Youth Chess Championship May 23 - 24

Many of you have been asking about the Ontario Youth Chess Championship dates and they are set for May 23 to May 24 at Kitchener City Hall.  There is usually a strong turnout from Windsor.  


Guelph Pro Am February 7th - 8th

Eleven Windsor area players made the trek to Guelph to play in Hal Bond's quarterly Pro Am.  There were 87 players in total so Windsor made up more than one eighth of the group playing.  Hal provides steady skills as an arbiter along with snacks and coffee which keeps both kids and adults coming back.  Also there is a food court only an elevator ride away so we didn't have to brave the elements to find a quick meal between rounds.  Hal manages to attract a strong field by limiting the ability to play up to those who are within 100 points of the rating floor of the section in which they wish to compete.  Those playing up pay $20 to the Olympiad fund which sends teams to the chess olympiad every two years.

The Pro Section was won by Canadian Champion Bator Sambuev who is based in Montreal with 4.5/5.  Razvan Preotu who has two of three grandmaster norms required for the prestigious title also played losing only to Bator and tied with Continental Senior Champion, International Master David Cummings, Zehn Nassir and FIDE Master Hans Jung for second with 3.5/5. Apurva Virkud from Detroit finished with 3/5. I finished in the middle of the Pro section pack with 2.5/5 playing much higher rated opponents throughout (a benefit of being the second lowest rated in the section).  If the CFC rating calculator is correct I gained over 100 points.

Max Zhu and Dean Bui finished first in the under 1600 section with 3 wins and 2 draws in five games.  Alan Bui finished with 3/5. Ellen Tao finished with 2.5/5.  Allan Masterson had a respectable start in a major tournament with 2/5.

In the under 2000 section Jeffrey Zhu finished 4th only half a point out of first with 3.5/5. Rachel Tao and Adam Gaisinsky finished tied for 7th with 3/5.

Posted Feb 10, 2015 by Vlad Drkulec

I found the following on the Windsor Public Library website:

CHILDREN’S CHESS & LEGO CLUB Central Saturday, January 24 1:00 - 4:00 pm Teen volunteers will be available to help teach the basics of how to play chess. For those who know how to play, you are invited to come and play. We will be holding a chess tournament during the March break so please join us for a terrific time. Duplo Lego will also be available for children to build. Ages 4 to 12. Space is limited to 20 children session. To register call 519-255-6770, Ext. 4579. 

Main Library Downtown at 850 Ouellette Avenue, N9A 4M9 (519) 255-6770

January 23, 2015

Chess Classes

Alas we went from one to two to several instructional group chess classes a week in Windsor but for the moment we are down to none.  I am talking to the Budimir Library about a new children's chess club/class which I hope will be under way soon.  The new Tecumseh Sobeys Friday class did not get the traction of the long running Tecumseh Mall Sobeys class with only one or two students showing up on most nights and several times no students had arrived by 6:30 or so.  The same thing happened with the CAGW beginner/intermediate class downtown.

I still believe that such classes are useful in turning beginners into real chess players and real chess players into strong chess players but we have to pause and regroup for now and offer something where the chess players actually live which seems to be the South Windsor/Lasalle area.

January 8, 2015

Motor City Open November 28-30

Fifteen Windsor players took part in the Motor City Open over the weekend following the American Thankgiving holiday.  Canadian and former Windsor resident and Michigan transplant Edward Song won the tournament. Rohan Talukdar and I scored reasonably well with 3.5/6 in the Open section.  Rohan drew Attulya Shetty a 2410 player in the first round and it was Attulya who was fighting for the draw with a perpetual check in a position where he was down a rook. Jeffrey Zhu had 3/6.  Terry Song from Kitchener also scored 3/6 getting some practice ahead of his participation in the Under 16 Olympiad in Gyor Hungary in December.

Adam Gaisinsky had 4.5/6 and tied for third place in the under 1800 section.  Jeannie Zhang had 3/6 in the under 1800.

Alan Bui scored 3/6 in the under 1400 section.

Kevin Cui scored 2.5/4 in the one day under 1000 section.

There were glitches in the pairings with Windsor players having to play each other on several occasions.  The fifth round was delayed when Tyler and I were paired for the second time.  Overall it was an enjoyable tournament ably directed and organized by Dr. Ed Mandell, owner of All the King's Men.  Alan Kaufman of Michigan Chess Festival Fame  was a sponsor of the tournament.  There were 128 players split among four sections.

November 22nd YCC Riverside Library

Twenty players took part in the November 22nd tournament at Riverside Library.  There were 14 players in the second YCC tournament to qualify for the 2015 CYCC in Windsor with a girls section and a boys section.  Six players had already qualified and played a tournament section among themselves.

In the girls' section Namitha Elsa John sailed through with 3/3 and a gold medal. Moira Perriapurram, Zoe Huang and Melissa Lee tied for second and received silver medals and more importantly qualified along with Namitha for the 2015 CYCC by scoring 2/3.

In the boys section, David Makarczyk won gold with 3/3, Kevin Cui won silver with 2.5/3 and Anish Nyayachavadi won bronze with 2/3.  Rishi Damarla qualified for CYCC along with the medal winners by scoring 1.5/3.

Tyler D'Amore won all three games for first and a gold medal in the non-YCC section.  Kun Xing and Jacob Gaisinsky took second and silver with two points. 

The tournament was the second of several sponsored by a donor who prefers to remain anonymous.  A total of ten players qualified for CYCC.  In addition to the medal winners Kun Xing and Steven Miletic scored 1.5/3 to qualify for CYCC which will be held July 6 through July 9th at the Waterfront Hotel in downtown Windsor. 

November 8th YCC Riverside Library

Twenty players took part in the first Windsor YCC tournament to qualify for the 2015 CYCC in Windsor. In section A, Tyler D'Amore won all three games for first. Adam Gaisinsky took second with two points. Alan Bui insisted on playing up with the big boys and finished with 1.5 and third place losing only to Tyler and drawing with Adam.

Ellen Tao finished first in section B with a perfect score. Jacob Gaisinsky scored 2.5/3 for second place and three players tied for third with two points (Andre Miletic, Kevin Wang and Markos Gomez playing in his first tournament).

The tournament was the first of several sponsored by a donor who prefers to remain anonymous.  A total of ten players qualified for CYCC.  In addition to the medal winners Kun Xing and Steven Miletic scored 1.5/3 to qualify for CYCC which will be held July 6 through July 9th at the Waterfront Hotel in downtown Windsor.  Nov 8th, 2014.

Guelph ProAm Nov 1-2

Tyler D'Amore scored 3.5/5 and finished third in the under 1600 section half a point out of first place.  Stefano Lee also played in the under 2000 section.  Nov 4th, 2014.


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