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Windsor Tournaments

Next Windsor tournaments:

November 8, November 22 Riverside Library YCC tournaments. 12:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Information on Tuesday Tournament chess Updated December 16

Windsor ratings (active players, as of the end of November, 2014)

Chess Ratings, calculated by the Chess Federation of Canada

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Alternately, or also, you might be interested in all Canadian ratings, which allows you to find out any player's tournament record.

Advanced children’s class: Friday night at Sobeys St. Clair Beach, 18 Amy Croft Drive in Tecumseh at the Expressway and Manning Road 6:00 to 9:00 pm or later.

SCHEDULE: Friday November 14, 21, December 5, 12

Beginner/Intermediate children’s class: Thursday nights from 6:30 to 9 pm CAGW (Chinese Association of Greater Windsor) at the offices of the Windsor Homes Coalition at 900 Howard Avenue, Windsor, Ontario  N9A 1S5 one block north of Erie Street at Howard and Niagara.  Lecture starts at 7:00 pm. November SCHEDULE: Thursday November 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th 

Motor City Open November 28-30

Fifteen Windsor players took part in the Motor City Open over the weekend following the American Thankgiving holiday.  Canadian and former Windsor resident and Michigan transplant Edward Song won the tournament. Rohan Talukdar and I scored reasonably well with 3.5/6 in the Open section.  Rohan drew Attulya Shetty a 2410 player in the first round and it was Attulya who was fighting for the draw with a perpetual check in a position where he was down a rook. Jeffrey Zhu had 3/6.  Terry Song from Kitchener also scored 3/6 getting some practice ahead of his participation in the Under 16 Olympiad in Gyor Hungary in December.

Adam Gaisinsky had 4.5/6 and tied for third place in the under 1800 section.  Jeannie Zhang had 3/6 in the under 1800.

Alan Bui scored 3/6 in the under 1400 section.

Kevin Cui scored 2.5/4 in the one day under 1000 section.

There were glitches in the pairings with Windsor players having to play each other on several occasions.  The fifth round was delayed when Tyler and I were paired for the second time.  Overall it was an enjoyable tournament ably directed and organized by Dr. Ed Mandell, owner of All the King's Men.  Alan Kaufman of Michigan Chess Festival Fame  was a sponsor of the tournament.  There were 128 players split among four sections.

November 22nd YCC Riverside Library

Twenty players took part in the November 22nd tournament at Riverside Library.  There were 14 players in the second YCC tournament to qualify for the 2015 CYCC in Windsor with a girls section and a boys section.  Six players had already qualified and played a tournament section among themselves.

In the girls' section Namitha Elsa John sailed through with 3/3 and a gold medal. Moira Perriapurram, Zoe Huang and Melissa Lee tied for second and received silver medals and more importantly qualified along with Namitha for the 2015 CYCC by scoring 2/3.

In the boys section, David Makarczyk won gold with 3/3, Kevin Cui won silver with 2.5/3 and Anish Nyayachavadi won bronze with 2/3.  Rishi Damarla qualified for CYCC along with the medal winners by scoring 1.5/3.

Tyler D'Amore won all three games for first and a gold medal in the non-YCC section.  Kun Xing and Jacob Gaisinsky took second and silver with two points. 

The tournament was the second of several sponsored by a donor who prefers to remain anonymous.  A total of ten players qualified for CYCC.  In addition to the medal winners Kun Xing and Steven Miletic scored 1.5/3 to qualify for CYCC which will be held July 6 through July 9th at the Waterfront Hotel in downtown Windsor. 

November 8th YCC Riverside Library

Twenty players took part in the first Windsor YCC tournament to qualify for the 2015 CYCC in Windsor. In section A, Tyler D'Amore won all three games for first. Adam Gaisinsky took second with two points. Alan Bui insisted on playing up with the big boys and finished with 1.5 and third place losing only to Tyler and drawing with Adam.

Ellen Tao finished first in section B with a perfect score. Jacob Gaisinsky scored 2.5/3 for second place and three players tied for third with two points (Andre Miletic, Kevin Wang and Markos Gomez playing in his first tournament).

The tournament was the first of several sponsored by a donor who prefers to remain anonymous.  A total of ten players qualified for CYCC.  In addition to the medal winners Kun Xing and Steven Miletic scored 1.5/3 to qualify for CYCC which will be held July 6 through July 9th at the Waterfront Hotel in downtown Windsor.  Nov 8th, 2014.

Guelph ProAm Nov 1-2

Tyler D'Amore scored 3.5/5 and finished third in the under 1600 section half a point out of first place.  Stefano Lee also played in the under 2000 section.  Nov 4th, 2014.

Canada has a new world champion!

Qiyu Zhou of Ottawa won the under 14 girls World Champion title at the World Youth Chess Championship which just concluded in Durban.  Congratulations Qiyu!  It couldn't have come to a nicer kid.

Report from Christina Tao in South Africa at WYCC with Rachel Tao

Rachel is doing very well in this tournament and she has very good spirit on each games.

We are having a great time here. Since this is much smaller delegation. All parents are talking to each other, helping out and cheer for each wins. So far we have very good results from all players, specially good for Qiyu and Maili-Jade. I bought two extra large Canadian flags and we all hope these two girls will bring them to the stadium.
This year, the organizer runs an excellent event. They have security on every door. The security is very tight. Inside the tournament hall, no coaches, no photographers, no press, no HoD except players. Parents are allowed in the playing hall until 5 mins before games start. Washroom is inside the playing hall. Only one door to exit out the playing hall. 

Hotel is excellent, very comfortable. Food is well served. They have many different culture food but no Chinese( no compliant). We all love the food here. (cannot compare with last year). 

The only thing I need to compliant is the internet connection. The hotel totally cannot support the internet traffic flow. They disconnect very often and sometime the server is totally shut off. The internet connection in playing hall is more stable but very slow. So enjoy the pictures on Facebook as Penny and James spend thousands of hours on just trying to upload pictures.
We all give up sending pictures home.

The transfer between playing hall and hotel are well run. The tour company runs many tours here. I did the full day Safari tour on sept 19 and half day culture tour today. Most canadian teams are doing the full day tour Safari tour today. Tours are well organized. Very enjoyable. 

I have many good pictures and I guess I can only send you when I return back home.

Report from Christina  updated September 26th, 2014

Harold Steen Memorial Tournament

About a dozen players from the Windsor area ventured across the Detroit River to play in the Harold Steen Memorial Tournament over the past weekend.  The biggest smile was on David Makarczyk's face who won all of his games and the under 1000 section, a one day event.  A few of the rest of us probably wish our tournament ended after one day as well.

Jeremy Mathews had 4 points in the under 1700.  Karthik Baskaran scored 3.5 in the under 1700 gaining over 60 points.   Jack Li, Joshua Mathews and Alan Bui had 3 points in the under 1700.

I scored 3.5/6 in the open section and broke about even in rating.  I could have scored better if I only took the draw offers from higher rated players instead of trying to win in even positions.  Lily Zhou had 3/6 in the open.  Lily played a very patient endgame in the final round where she was a piece up but there were opportunities to go wrong and draw.

I will edit this entry and add more results when I have access to the final results.

September 22, 2014

Friday Chess at Tecumseh Mall Sobeys - End of an Era

Sobeys at the Tecumseh Mall is closing this weekend.   There will be no chess class tonight.  We will resume at the other Sobeys in Lakeshore on Amy Croft Drive at Manning Road and the Expressway next Friday September 12th starting at 6 pm.  We have the room booked for the next four Fridays until October 3rd.

Friday September 5th

Interview with Rachel Tao on CTV September 4th, 2014

Rachel Tao is the only Windsor playing in WYCC this year in Durban, South Africa.  She was recently interviewed on CTV news.  You can find the interview at the following link.  They also interviewed Istvan Kiraly and some unnamed CFC chess official.

September 4th, 2014 after the Michigan Open (August 29 - September 1st)

The Michigan Open is a tough tournament for me mainly due to the very irregular schedule.  No two rounds are at the same time and there are late rounds which are followed by very early rounds the next morning.  This plays havoc with the blood sugar and I compensated by taking more insulin than usual and thus was able to keep my blood sugar mostly under control.  The good thing about the tournament is that there are very long time controls which are a throwback to what the time controls were when I was a teen.  There is a delay of five seconds but no increment.  The time control is one hour and fifty five minutes for the first time control of 40 moves and one hour for the second time control with a five second delay for both time controls.  This gives the opportunity for some serious chess.  There is also a confusing array of options with 4, 3 and even 2 day schedules for some of the lower sections.  I played fairly well though my opponents didn't always play the best.  In my second last game I was hanging on for dear life as black in a Catalan when my opponent made two pawn moves which each in itself did not seem a blunder but together they allowed me to seize control of the only open file on the board and led to a win of a pawn and a winning position where every one of my opponent's pieces stood poorly.  I suspect that I gained a few USCF rating points and lost a few FIDE points since the players I beat were not FIDE rated.

Windsor had many players at this tournament as usual.  Devin Feng played along with Anitej Bhaskar. Anitej finished with 4 out of 7 in the booster section and tied for second in the under 800.  Rohan Talukdar scored an impressive 5/7 in the open section (finishing ahead of me at 4.5/7) losing only to a 2206 player Jalen Wang in the first round and Windsor's Henry Zhang who also had a good tournament as usual.  Henry gained 22 points and broke the 1800 barrier finishing with 4 points.  Lily Zhou played well but was somewhat generous to her higher rated opponents giving them draws in time trouble when she might have pressed for a win.  Lily gained 49 rating points reaching 1894.  Jeannie Zhang played well as did Rachel (gaining 24 points) and Ellen Tao.  Jeffrey and Max Zhu were playing well against higher rated opponents.  I think Max had four points in the reserve and beat a 1500 player which is getting to be expected with him. Adam and Jacob Gaisinsky also did well with each having 4 points going into the last round. (Jacob won his last game and scored 5/7 and won a second place trophy in the under 1000 gaining 81 rating points.  Adam drew and finished with 4.5 and was undefeated.)  Steven Fu was also there and doing well in the early going but I lost track of him when my games started to go the distance. 

Unfortunately the results are not up on the USCF website yet and I will edit this report to give a final tally when I have access to the final results.

Zhehai Zhang had 5 points in the reserve section.  Jeannie Zhang had 4.  Max Zhu scored 4 and gained 17 rating points to put him at 1505 (not bad for an eight year old).  Ellen Tao had 3.5 and broke even on rating plus or minus one.  Devin Feng had 2.5 and gained 21 rating points.

Jeffrey Zhu scored 7/10 in the blitz while  Henry and Jeannie both scored 5.5/10.

Vlad Drkulec

Kitchener Chess Festival, North American Junior, Canadian Seniors July 30 - August 4

Several Windsor and former Windsor players made the trek to the Kitchener Chess Festival.

Henry Zhang was the big winner gaining 119 points at the North American Junior.  He is now the highest CFC rated active Windsor junior so I am sure that a few of the other Windsor kids will be gunning for him in CFC play.  Henry is playing very well as his new rating of 1754 represents a 318 point gain in two months starting with the Guelph Pro Am, CYCC and now the North American Junior.

Devin Feng gained 38 points in the rookie section.  Dad Zhimin played in his first tournament joining Dean Bui and Frank Lee as chess parents who decided to play while attending tournaments with their kids.

I gained 50 points playing in my first Canadian Seniors 50+ event while tying for fourth but it is easy to gain rating points when you are one of the lowest rated players.

Brian Profit and Jim Daniluk who originally came from Windsor also played in the tournament.  Jim gained 77 rating points and also tied for 4th in the Senior 50+ section.

Final thoughts on Canadian Open

It was nice playing against some very strong players.  I gained 36 points and would have gained more if I just took draws in drawn positions.  I declined two draws and later went on to lose those two games.


26 July, after the Canadian Open ended

The Canadian Open ended, finally. Nine rounds, and I'm exhausted just watching.

Melissa was no doubt the happiest Windsorite, ending up with 6 points, undefeated. Strangely, she played no-one ranked higher than 48th (102 players in her section). Melissa ended up tied for 10th. Playing in the 1700-2000 section, Brendon finished with 5 points, losing only one game. Brendon's highest opponent was ranked 58th of 98 players in the section.

The adults didn't fare as well, both lost on the last day to finish well down the table. Vlad will no doubt give a write-up when he returns to civilization and recovers from his exhausting 'vacation'.

24 July, after round 6 of the Canadian Open

I had anticipated continuing to blog about the Canadian Open. There are four Windsor-ites playing, Vlad, Frank, Brendon, and Melissa. Unfortunately, the organisers had a lot of difficulties getting the event running smoothly, and pairings and results were very slow coming in.

All fixed up now, apparently, and it should be smooth sailing the rest of the way. After 6 rounds, Melissa and Brendon each have 4 points, and both are undefeated. Frank has 2 points, and Vlad has the same. Vlad is playing "up" a section, and his opponents are averaging 150 points more than him.

CYCC 2014 Final wrap-up

I'm a little later with the final wrap-up than I expected. CYCC was well done, and we had three players in the trophies: Lily was 2nd in the u12 girls, Rachel was 2nd in the u16 girls, and Rahma tied for 3rd in the u14 girls. Lily disappeared when it was time for her to receive her trophy, and her dad accepted it for her.

Overall, Windsor scored 95.5 points from a maximum of 186 games actually played (28 players * 7 rounds, minus 3 byes, minus 7 all-Windsor pairings). That works out to just over 50%, a very creditable score at the national championship (even if a couple of players did sort-of under-perform).

Edit: As of July 24th, CYCC has not (yet) been rated, the cross tables weren't sent in. I'm sure the event will be rated, in the fullness of time.

Christina Tao gave a link to lots and lots of photographs on Flickr, taken by Toto Surya, see link below.

All Windsor results ..... Windsor photographs ..... CYCC Facebook page ..... All Results

18 July (round 7 just finishing...)

Which will it be... results are trickling in, 4 hours after the round started...

Quick Edit, 2.00 pm
Lily won, placed 2nd. Rachel drew, placed 2nd. Rahma won, tied for 3rd. Ellen won, tied for 4th. Henry lost, tied for 5th. Karthik won, tied for 8th. Max won, placed 10th.

I gotta errand to run, more later...

17 July 11.45 pm (after round 6)

A late report tonight, I was visiting a friend... a real-life friend, I mean.

The best round yet for the Windsor players... 18 points out of a possible 27.

In addition, CTV news filmed a video, featuring Rachel and Vlad, among others.

With 3/6, Rachel is exactly in the middle of the combined u16-18 group of 8.

A win tomorrow would probably place her 4th overall, I don't know how that would place her among the u16 girls.

The biggest smile will be on the face of Henry, winning his 5th game out of 6. Henry is in a 6-way tie for 1st, paired way up. Rohan and Zhehai a point behind. Lily also has 5/6, and is 2nd in her group, a half-point behind the leader.

In the u8 open section, Alan won both games today, and is tied for 6th. Max is a half-point behind. The u14 open is a bit of a disappointment: Karthik scored 1/5/2 today, and is tied for 13th, ahead of Jeffrey and Stefano.

Rahma lost, unfortunately, and so we no longer have any undefeated players. Rahma is now tied for 5th, with a chance to move up to a trophy tomorrow.

The all-Windsor pairing for the last round is Tyler-Vithushan. Please note the start time of round 7.

17 July 3.00 pm (after round 5)
Well, some of the Windsor players probably should have stayed in bed. Lily lost, Rohan lost, Zhehai lost, Jack lost, Adam lost, Tyler lost...

There were some bright spots: Rahma didn't lose, she is still undefeated, and tied for 2nd in her section. Henry won his 3rd game in a row, and is now at 4/5. Jathusan also won his 3rd game in a row, after starting with two losses on Tuesday.

Jeffrey took out his frustrations on poor Stefano; Jeffrey is now leading the Windsor contingent of u14s with 3/5. Rachel also won, and is in the middle of her section.

So, after 5 games, Henry and Lily have 4 points, Max and Rahma have 3.5 points, and Windsor overall has 68.5, just less than 50%.

The all-Windsor pairing in round 6 is Jack - Jathushan (or Jack 'n Jat for short).

17 July 12.30 pm (between round 4 and 5)

While we are waiting with bated breath for the round 5 results...

Parents are reminded that Windsor Chess is offering a $500 grant to assist with the expenses of any Windsor "official player" going to WYCC. (In case you wanted to put more pressure on your kid...)

You might be amused to know that the logo for CYCC was 'borrowed' from the Ontario Chess Challenge logo that was used in the early days. (And maybe still is, for all I know.)

Play like a girl? The only undefeated Windsor players are Lily, with 4 wins, and Rahma who has 2 wins and 2 draws. Rahma is playing well, she has been paired against much higher-rated players.

She even nearly beat me, once. Nearly.

Click for full-size picture of Rahma

Tiebreaks: parents with aptitude for logic and mathematics might want to study the tiebreak rules, sent to me by Herb.

Click for full-size picture of Tiebreaks.

I couldn't find the tiebreaks online.

16 July 9.30 pm (end of round 4)
The Lily Express continues, now 4 for 4 in the u12 girls. In round 5, Lily faces a stern test, playing black against top-rated Maili-Jade Ouellet.

Rahma is still undefeated, settling for a draw today a piece up, but very short of time. Rahma is still tied for 2nd in the u14 girls.

Adam won both games today, and joins Rohan, Henry, and Zhehai with 3/4, all tied for 6th in the u12 open section. Brother Jacob also won both games, making it a good day for the Gaisinsky family.

The all-Windsor pairing in round 5 is Stefano - Jeffrey.

16 July 3.00 pm (end of round 3)
So, as we approach the halfway mark, who's in form? Lily for one, scoring 100% in the u12 girls. As it so happens, Lily hasn't met many of the top players. This afternoon should be an interesting game, Lily is white against WCM Nguyen An. The two have played before, in CYCC Vancouver 2012.

Also winning today were Max, and Rahma, who each have 2.5/3. Max is tied for 5th in the u8 open, and Rahma is tied for 2nd in the u14 girls.

What, no all-Windsor pairing in round 4 ?? Ah yes, I see it, Kevin against Henry in u12 open. I was thinking the organisers must have made an error ;-)

15 July 8.30 pm (end of round 2)
The second round is now completed... one player had a bye, the others scored 14/27. Players sleeping the soundest tonight will be Lily, Rohan, Max, and Zhehai, all with 100% scores today. Rahma, Jack and Rachel won't be too unhappy with their scores of 1.5/2.

The organisers are doing a great job at updating the results promptly, very gratifying to the peanut gallery. The all-Windsor pairing this round is Joshua - Anitej in the u12 open section.

15 July 3.30 pm (end of round 1)
At the time of writing, with Windsor 25 results in, we are almost 50%, with 12 wins and 13 losses. I'm waiting on the results of the U14 and U16 girls. When I get them, I'll put in a link to ALL Windsor results, the good, the bad and the ugly. At the moment, it looks as though the rich get richer... the rating system doing its usual efficient job of predicting results.

Edit: Rahma drew with black against a player rated 533 points higher!

The all-Windsor pairing this round is Anish - Karthik in the u14 open section.

15 July 10.30 am
Amazing, 28 Windsor players at CYCC this year. All those dedicated parents spending vacation time and hard-earned loot. Vlad, Herb, and Zoltan are also in Montreal. I (John Coleman) will be updating the website while Vlad is away.

The organisers seem to be doing a good job in posting pairings, and results will no doubt be coming quickly too. The obligatory first-round all-Windsor pairing is Ellen - Lily.

(For some reason the Windsor Chess website is loading absurdly slowly... I'll try to find out why. I took a peek at the source code, all kinds of rubbish things I don't understand.)

Sobeys Tournament June 28th, 2014
In the top section Zoltan Kiraly and Vlad Drkulec tied for first with 2.5/3 after a draw in the second round.  Rachel Tao scored 2/3 for the top under 1700 prize losing only to me but just barely.  Jeremy Mathews also lost to me in a complicated game where he looked better for some long stretches of the game.  I have to stop getting into these tactical slugfests as the Windsor kids are just too good.  This tournament brought home to me the fact that we have largely succeeded in our aim to improve the strength of the Windsor kids to the point that they are a threat to win against any of the strong Windsor players.  I will report on the other sections when the tournament is rated or someone sends me a report.  I saw Tyler D'amore go home with a trophy.

Columbus Open June 27-29th, 2014
Three Windsor players traveled to Columbus to play in the Columbus Open.  Henry Zhang scored 4/5 in the under 1800 section and finished tied for second falling just short of being the fourth Windsor kid to crack 1800 USCF recently.  Henry gained 72 points and is now rated 1766.  Jack Li tied for tenth in the same section and gained forty points to finish at 1542.  Stefano Lee scored 3/5 in the under 1400 section and tied for sixth in his section.

North American Youth Chess Championship  Wednesday, 18th of June, 2014
Congratulations to Windsor's newest WCM, Lily Zhou who earned her title with a strong performance at NAYCC finishing third in under 12 girls!  If I can get this picture to load properly we will have a picture of Lily receiving her trophy shortly.

Guelph ProAm June 7-8th
Three Windsor kids played in Guelph and as usual the result was a big rating gain for the Windsor kids. Henry Zhang won the under 1600 section and gained 82 points with a score of 4.5/5 points.  As usual he had to play a Windsor kid, 8 year old Max Zhu along the way.  Henry prevailed but it was the only game that Max lost on the way to a fourth place finish with 3.5/5 and a 192 point rating gain.   Brother Jeffrey Zhu tied for third in the under 2000 section with 3.5/5 and gained 101 rating points and now has broken the 1800 CFC barrier, the first Windsor kid to do that in quite a while though Rohan Talukdar and Lily Zhou are likely to do so soon. 

North American Youth Chess Championship   Friday the 13th of June, 2014.

Seven Windsor kids are playing in Tarrytown, New York.  Rachel and Ellen Tao, Jacob and Adam Gaisinsky, Alan Bui, Rohan Talukdar and Lily Zhou carry the hopes of Windsor and the Canadian team.  There are fifty Canadians playing with an IM title on the line in the under 18 section.  News is slow filtering back. 

Windsor kids keep winning!   May 28th, 2014
Jeffrey and Max Zhu were in action at the Chicago Open last weekend.  Jeffrey led his under 1900 section for much of the tournament finishing with 5/7 and just out of the money but with another nice rating gain.  Max started slow but then won or drew the rest of his games to finish with 4.5/7.and also should see a rating gain.
Rahma Gillan played in the Ontario Girl's Chess Championship in Toronto and tied for first place in the under 14 girls continuing the Windsor tradition of outstanding female players.
I also learned that Anitej Bhaskar's had  a successful result at the Michigan Amateur with three wins and two draws finishing  in second place with 4/5 in the under 800 section.

Weekend Tournament at All The King's Men - Warren, Michigan

George Zhou provided the following report on the six round tournament held on the weekend:
Rohan Talukdar performed very impressively, as did most of the Windsor kids. In the last round, the top 3 boards Were Rohan, Lily Zhou and Adam Gaisinsky against three opponents rated 2000. Rohan was in first place before the last round.

In the end, Rohan and George's daughter Lily both got 4.5, sharing second place prize, each winning $120. Lily took a first round bye and lost on time in the second round , and won the next 4 rounds in a row to share second place, Lily has joined Jeffrey Zhu and Rohan in the USCF class A group (over 1800) now. Thanks John for the end game book, and Vlad lesson for the end game.

Impressively Jacob Gaisinsky won the last round against 1500 player DESPITE his rating of 600. Adam Gaisinsky got 3/6 against class A and experts, Jack Li and Alan Bui also played.



Thank you to George for that report and congratulations to all the Windsor kids for another fine performance.

Sobeys April Standard
Once again eight players did battle over three rounds on a Saturday at the Tecumseh Mall Sobeys.  Once again the two adults were John Coleman and myself.  Once again Vlad Drkulec managed to win all three games.  I was a little less wobbly than the last one in March but so were the kids.  I won three tough games against Lily Zhou, Zhehai Zhang, and Jeffrey Zhu.  In all three games my opponents made some mistakes in the opening which gave them a difficult game.  Jeffrey and Lily almost succeeded in extricating themselves.  In the game against Jeffrey in particular we got a rook endgame where I had two connected passed pawns on the kingside and Jeffrey had a passed pawn on the a-file.  Jeffrey played resourcefully at one point threatening to win a rook with the standard king and rook skewer with his rook.  We are finally at the point that I don't necessarily have to travel to get a good game.
Jeffrey Zhu was tied for second with Zhehai.  Jeffrey beat John Coleman
Max Zhu  and Lily tied for the under 1600 prize.

We have several new Ontario champions from Windsor.  Lily Zhou won all five games, won clear first and became Ontario Under 12 girls champion.  Rohan Talukdar had three wins and two draws to finish undefeated and in first place in the under 12 open category.  Max Zhu lost only to Steven Fu on his way to a score of 4/5 and finished first on tie break in the under 8 open category.  Rahma Gillan finished second in under 14 girls going undefeated with two wins and three draws.  Wendy Zhang finished third in under 8 girls.  Rachel Tao finished third in under 16 girls.
I just got back and am dead tired.  I would like to thank all of the parents for their generosity not only towards the coaches but towards their kids in taking the whole holiday weekend to support their children in their quest for chess immortality.  Some could not attend on this religious Easter and Passover holiday for reasons of faith and family.  I believe that the timing of the tournament did reduce attendance from last year by about 20 players with ten fewer players overall from Windsor this year though our final totals for Windsor participation will have to wait until we examine the rating reports.  Windsor was once again a significant part of another major provincial youth chess championship.
I was excited that in addition to many familiar faces there were a number of new faces and parents all eager to begin their adventures in the world of competitive tournament chess. 

Several Windsor players played on Saturday at the Windsor Chess Challenge and then got in their cars and played in the Ontario Chess Challenge in Toronto on Sunday.  That is dedication!  

Henry Zhang got 2nd place in grade 5 (6 players tied for second 4/5, Henry won the play offs). Zhehai Zhang got 3rd place in grade 6 (three players tied first 4.5/5, Zhehai lost the play offs).  Max Zhu got a trophy too, maybe Tyler D'Amore got one?
Report from Henry's mother Lisa Lee.  I will update when the tournament results become available. 

This tournament concluded on Saturday.  As usual there are a lot of very familiar names on the list of those who finished with perfect scores.  You can see the results by following the links on the left or click below to see full results.  In grade 2 teammates , classmates and cousins Alan Bui and Jacob Gaisinsky played anything but a grandmaster draw as the final result was a draw but only after Alan's King had some scary moments and went for a walk.

Ten Windsor kids took part in the 2014 version of this tournament at All The King's Men in Warren April 5th and 6th.  Rohan Talukdar and Lily Zhou tied for third (!) scoring 4/5 gaining 52  and 30 rating points.  Rohan broke 1800 and Lily hit a high of 1796 in USCF play.   Henry Zhang tied for seventh with 3.5/5  and gained 51 rating points.  All three finished ahead of a master who was the second highest rated player in the tournament.  Stefano Lee gained the most rating points (90!) with a 50% score in the five round tournament.  Alan Bui gained 53 points. Frank Hou gained 44 points.  For those with disappointing results you will get them next time.


I am pleased to announce the Head of Delegation, Assistant Head of Delegation, and official players for the 2014 North American Youth Chess Championship.

Head of Delegation: Victoria Doknjas

Assistant Head of Delegation: Aris Marghetis

Our official players are:

U18 Girls - Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina, 
U16 Girls - Rachel Tao
U14 Girls - Janet Peng (interested - has not registered yet)
U12 Girls - Rinna Yu
U10 Girls - Kylie Tan
U08 Girls - Mysha Gilani

U18 Open - David Itkin
U16 Open - John Doknjas
U14 Open - Jeffrey Xu
U12 Open - Rohan Talukdar
U10 Open - Neil Doknjas
U08 Open - Alan Bui

Eligible so far for $300 Canadian bursaries
Allison Tsypin, 2nd under 10 after playoff
An Nguyen, 3rd under 12 
Cindy Qiao, tied 2nd under 10 3rd on tie break
Joanne Foote, 2nd in U16 is interested, but has not registered yet

Frank Lee, CFC Youth Coordinator on the CFC Message Board April 12th, 2014

Notice that three of the twelve official players are from Windsor.  Erica Forshaw is eligible for the special bursary (because she tied for second with Rachel in the under 14 girls division of the Canadian Youth Chess Championship or CYCC last year) if she chooses to attend NAYCC (though my understanding is that she is hopefully only temporarily retired for now).

Bursaries are still available to players who finished first and second or third after playoffs in CYCC 2013 and who have not had an opportunity to be the official player at WYCC, NAYCC or Pan Am YCC.  At some point a deadline for application will be set so that we can finalize the budget for this event.  Bursaries will be paid after NAYCC is completed to qualified players who complete the NAYCC tournament.  The timing of the NAYCC tournament is a bit unfortunate as it conflicts with exam schedules.  Many players have had to make special arrangements with their schools in order to be able to attend and still complete their exams. Several such requests are still pending.  At the moment there are 34 Canadian players registered with a possible two more.  I expect that this number will grow as people are able to resolve arrangements with their schools.

The CFC lives on
The government passed new not for profit rules which all non-profits have to comply with including the CFC.  The deadline is October 17th.  The haunted look on my face was due to worries that we might not succeed in getting CFC governor approval to take the required steps in order to comply with the new act in time.  There were some adventures on the way but I am pleased to announce that the CFC governors did their part.  It is now between the CFC executive and the Canadian government.  There will still be a CFC  (Chess Federation of Canada) after October 18th.  I may even still be president as I have announced my intention to run again.  I must be a glutton for punishment.
Frank Lee is the Youth Coordinator for the CFC.  He has said that he will run again as well.  At the moment the intention is to serve for two terms and then retire to Windsor and take all that extra time in building up Windsor chess.   I am hoping that after two years others with a sensible approach will step forward and take the reigns of the CFC.
April 14th, 2014 - Vlad

Sobeys Invitational CFC Tournament March 29th
Six kids (Jeannie Zhang, Lily Zhou, Henry Zhang, Rohan Talukdar, Jeremy and Joshua Mathews) and two adults (Vlad Drkulec and John Coleman) took part in a three round one day tournament directed by John Coleman.  This was John's first tournament as a player in basically forever or at least thirty or forty years.  John tied for second with Henry who upset John in the first round.  On paper it looks like I cruised to victory but it was not that simple.  All three of my opponents kindly gave me an exchange and a pawn at some point in the game.  In my second round game against Jeremy I blundered the advantage away carelessly and only managed after all the smoke cleared to gain a slight initiative which eventually turned into an extra pawn and a double rook ending where I managed to get another pawn before trading off into a king and pawn ending.  Henry also played well in our game before inexplicably making a move which cost him an exchange and shortly a pawn.  Perhaps it was all that bughouse (double chess) they played between the rounds?  I won first place and $75.  Henry won $35.  Everyone else went home older and wiser.  There were some hard fought games.  The endings in the final round games between John and Jeremy and the other game between Lily and Rohan were quite interesting.  In the latter game both players seemed to be more interested in trying to checkmate their opponent than in any version of king safety.  A draw was finally agreed when they were down to just rook pawns and a rook each.
Windsor Spitfires Chess Challenge and YCC tournament Tuesday March 25th
Jeremy Mathews was the second highest rated player in the quick rated tournament and finished with a perfect score of 4/4 and topping the field of 25 players for this hastily arranged event.  Jeremy chose the signed baseball cap as his prize.  Henry Zhang, Alan Bui, Karthik Baskaran, Adam Gaisinsky and Stefano Lee tied for second with 3/4.  Henry Zhang won the tie break mainly because of his wins against two other players who finished in the second place group.  He took home the signed Spitfires jersey.  Alan Bui won the third place prize which was a signed program as the youngest player that finished tied for second.
In addition to the first and second place finishers the following players finished with at least 2/4 in order to qualify for CYCC in Montreal. There are a total of 22 players from the Windsor area who are now qualified for CYCC.
Joshua Mathews
David Makarczyk
Frank Gui Hou
Steven Miletic  (New player)
Alexander Mikho
Tyler D'Amore (already qualified)
Ellen Tao
Devin Feng
Jacob Gaisinsky
Emily Deng   (recently returned to chess after a break)
Andrew Miletic  (New Player)
Cullen Connell (relatively new player)
Alas the Spitfires had a rough night in their playoff game which many of the players attended after the tournament with the home team losing 10-2.
Windsor Spitfires Chess Challenge and YCC tournament Tuesday March 25th
We already have 20 players including a few newcomers registered less than one day after sending out an email with the full details for the first time.  Qualify for CYCC and take in a Windsor Spitfires playoff hockey game for one low price.  The pre-registered list is available below at the bottom of the ad for the tournament if you click on the link below or above in the Windsor tournaments listing.
If you score 50% you qualify to play at CYCC in Montreal in July.

Michigan Junior

George Zhou reports:

Due to my schedule, Lily participated K-8 tournament on Sunday, she started slowly(in 2nd round, drew a game with lower rated player though she had two pieces up but poor skill on time control), she recovered a little bit later, didn’t give any chance to the rest of opponents. In the end, she got 4.5/5, clear 3rd trophy in whole section. Two players including the 2100 player tied 1st in K8 tournament.

Joshua Mathews, got 3.5/5, 2nd place k6 trophy in this K8 tournament. (his brother Jeremy got a trophy in K12 tournament too). [Latha Philip, Joshua and Jeremy's mother reports: Jeremy and Joshua also played during the last weekend. Jeremy won grade 9 2nd place and Joshua won Grade 6 2nd place.]

Jack Li and Henry Zhang both got 3/5 in this K8 tournament, Jack Li got 2nd place k-5 trophy by tiebreak, Henry Zhang unfortunately lost tiebreak, but Henry tied 1st place on Saturday in K-5 tournament.

There were a few other Windsor kids played the Saturday and Sunday tournaments too, I heard that Rohan and Dave did very well too. 

David Makarczyk got first place trophy for grade 4 with 4/5 in the K-5 section.  Henry Zhang scored 4.5/5 in K-5 and first place. Rohan Talukdar played very strongly to win a trophy in K-12 with 4/5 and his only loss coming at the hands of a 2200 player.  Rohan beat a 1900 player and an 1800 player along the way.  As usual it seems that many Windsor chess kids are going to enjoy some rating gains after a weekend of chess.

I will add to and edit this report when the crosstable becomes available.


March 20, 2014

March Break is time to play Chess!
Results are in for the 2014 Aurora Spring tournament played last weekend.  Three of the Windsor WYCC players attended and picked up where they left off at the world tournament. Stefano Lee won clear first in the under 1300 section with a convincing 4.5/5 and gained 85 rating points to reach a rating of 1236 which is still well below his new FIDE rating of 1544.  A few more tournaments against those Toronto players who have been playing all that CFC rated chess should be just the ticket for his CFC rating to catch up.  
Ellen Tao tied for first in the under 1600 section.  Ellen had 3.5/5 and gained 129 rating points to reach 1422 as her regular CFC rating.  Ellen has made steady progress in the last year and continued that performance at this tournament.
Sister Rachel Tao finished with 2.5/5 in the under 2000 section and gained 59 rating points to reach 1679.  Rachel has no doubt been busier in high school but still found time to achieve a strong result against mostly higher rated competition.  
Congratulations to all three players.

Elsewhere Tyler D'amore travelled to play in the Seneca Hill CFC Junior Grand Prix tournament number 3 which was also a YCC and tied for third with 3/5 and qualified for the Canadian Youth Chess Championship as a result.  March 15.

Feb 15 CMA tournament Riverside Library
There were 19 players eventually with a few showing up a bit late but thanks to the magic of the continuous pairing system we were able to accommodate everyone.  We played the tournament as one large section with Adam Gaisinsky, Karthik Baskaran and Stefano Lee finishing with 5/6 and gold.  Tyler D'Amore,    Alan Bui, David    Makarczyk and Vithushan    Krishnamohan finished with 4/6 to tie for fourth.  There were also medals given for the best results for those from grade 2 to grade 4.  Alan Bui and David Makarczyk won gold in the junior grades.  Jacob Gaisinsky with 3.5/6 rounded out the medals from the junior grades.  Report February 16, 2014

Play more and your rating will increase!
     There is an interesting link to a story on Chesstalk about  a young player  Nicholas Vettese who competed in the under 10 CYCC and North American Youth Chess Championship.  He has played something like 180 rated games in the last thirteen months or so.  His results have been good overall but not spectacular and he has gained something like 400 to 500 rating points since the summer and 1000 points since last year thanks in part to the CFC rating system and also fueled by the large number of games that he is playing.  There is a story on the Annex Chess Club website where they disparage the results of  the kids who finished ahead of him at CYCC.  If you go by the respective rating gains then  they might have a point.
     I played 168 games in one year at one point so I know how valuable the experience that you gain is especially to a young player.  He is gaining three years of chess playing experience in one year.
I think that most of the top young Windsor players are stronger players than he is at the moment but if you all continue to play 30 or 40 games a year and he continues to play 150 plus games a year it will be difficult for you to keep up with him in rating or rate of improvement.  The biggest concern that I have is that many of the Windsor players complain that they don't like to play in rated play in Windsor and compete against under rated players.  For the most part you are all under rated.  If you play in Windsor over time yes you will lose the occasional game where an underrated opponent will beat you and you will lose rating points in that game.  The fact is that the CFC bonus point system means that the more you play the more points you will gain because when you have a good result you will get almost triple the rating points that you will lose when you have a bad result. 
     You would have to have bad results three out of four times you play in rated play in order for it not to pay off to play.  You would break even if you had three bad tournaments for every good tournament.  The other issue is that for you to have a bad tournament someone else has to have a good tournament and that person would jump 100 or 200 points in rating and the next time you play them then you would only need a draw to gain 24 points if you had a good result and you both started at the same rating.  Parents are paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to go out of town to play where often Windsor kids play each other anyway when you could be doing the same here for a fraction of the price.  Don't be afraid.  Play and learn and improve.  The kids who are improving the most are also the ones who are playing the most and that improvement is reflected in their ratings and their level of play.

Ann Arbor Quads and Toledo Swiss
A report  --  from Guang-Chong Zhu 

Jeffrey and Max Zhu had two tournaments back-to-back:  Ann Arbor Quads (Friday night) and Toledo Swiss (Saturday), with not a lot of hours of sleeping in between. 

There were 8 sections in the Ann Arbor Quads based on players' ratings/strength.  Jeffrey played in Section 2, and Max played in Section 4.  Both Jeffrey and Max won all three games in their sections.  Jeffrey's opponents' ratings were 1674, 1851, and 1827.  Max's opponents were 1079, 1290, and unrated. 

In the Toledo Swiss, Jeffrey played in the Open section, and got 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss, finished with 2.5/4.  In his last game, his opponent was the same person (1827) he beat in the Ann Arbor Quads.  The position had been a dead-draw for a long time, but Jeffrey ran out time first.  Max played in the Under-1600 section, and won 1st place with an astonishing perfect score of 4/4!   

After this weekend, Jeffrey gained 98 points, bringing his USCF rating from 1751 up to 1849.  Max's rating skyrocketed from 1300 to 1522, gaining 222 points!

Jeannie Zhang also went to the Toledo Swiss, and played in the Open section. Her initial rating (1499) was the lowest in the Open secion.  Despite her rating, Jeannie did fantastically well!  After losing in the first round to Jeffrey, she beat three high-rated players in a row: 1690, 1741, and 1713, finished with 3/4, and tied for 2nd place in the Open section!  Her amazing performance brought her rating from 1499 all the way up to 1649, gaining 150 points! 
Congratulations to Jeannie, Jeffrey, and Max! 

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Today Friday February, 7th, 2014 is the last day to register for the Chess Challenge!

If your child's school isn't sending a team to the Chess Challenge you can register them yourself.


Chess Challenge Practice Tournament Riverside Library, February 1st

We started out with six players who were paired and sat down to play at 1:00 pm and then there was a slow parade of new entries who drifted into the tournament room at the Riverside Library.  First six, then eight, then ten, then twelve and finally thirteen players braved slippery roads, snow and rain.  Tyler D'Amore started slowly but in the end emerged with the gold medal with 5.5/6, David Makarczyk claimed the silver medal with 5/6 losing only to Tyler and Alex Mikho finished with 4.5/6 and claimed the bronze after drawing with Tyler in the first round and losing only to David. Adam Jasniewicz scored 4/6 to finish in fourth place.

Chess Challenge Practice Tournament Riverside Library, January 18th

In the Chess Challenge Practice tournament played on January 18th, Jeffrey Xin-Yu Zhu, Tyler D'Amore and Adam Gaisinsky all tied for gold with 4/5 in section A. In section B, Alan Bui, Alex Mikho won gold medals with 4/5.  David Makarczyk and Kevin Wang won bronze with 3.5/5. There were a total of 20 players split evenly between the two sections.

John Coleman made it in to spectate with the help of a cane and walker.  You can't slow this guy down!  He broke his hip six days ago!

John Coleman injured

John has landed on the ground and into the hospital with a broken hip - off his feet for 4-6 weeks! He will be off-line and not responding to email for several days... maybe more than a week. We ask that all emails be Sent or CC'd to so that your inquires can be timely handled.
- Thank you, Rob Bierer

The above showed up on the Windsor Chess Challenge website today (Monday, January 13th).  I have asked Rob for information as to which hospital John is in. I know that everyone is wishing John a speedy recovery. I will let everyone know what is happening when I learn more myself. - Vlad Drkulec
John was in Metropolitan Hospital but has been released today (Wednesday, January 15th).  John is one tough guy!  He is going to be in bed for four to six weeks.  He hopes that he will be able to attend the Windsor Chess Challenge in a wheel chair.  It was a clean break so he is optimistic that he should make a full recovery.  He seemed in good spirits for someone who had just broken his hip.  I will be taking over his scheduled Riverside Library tournaments for January and February.  I will add at least one CFC active/quick rated section to each tournament and more if it is feasible. I will need to work out the details with regard to medals and participation ribbons as I don't have them yet.  Your patience is requested. - Vlad Drkulec

Chess Challenge Practice Tournament Riverside Library, January 4th
There were – eventually – 13 players at the first tournament of 2014; players were trickling in as much as 30 minutes after the advertised start.
The event was run as one section; it seemed the best way to get decent pairings, especially with three pairs of brothers playing.  There were separate prizes for the “bottom half” of the starting line-up.
The event was won by Lily Zhou, who took a first-round bye and then won every game.  In second place was Jeffrey Zhu.
The “bottom half” was won by Max Zhu, with a very creditable  score of 3/5.  Tied for 2nd in the bottom half were Alan Bui and Jacob Gaisinsky.

As President of the Chess Federation of Canada I get a great deal of email.  Today I got something from the FIDE trainers commission about their program.  They do some useful work but the section on fees is concerning.  If I am reading their schedule of fees correctly their yearly fees are quite significant as you move up their hierarchy.  Last year when I looked at their list of approved books, I found it amusing that I had just about every chess book on their list.

Last year I had the opportunity to meet with many of the top FIDE officials when I was the Chess Federation of Canada's masters representative.  There was a Brain Games conference in Quebec City which I attended with the then CFC president Michael von Keitz who is now the Executive Director for the CFC.  One of the FIDE vice presidents told me that FIDE was using a training manual developed by the CFC in its chess in the schools program.  The manual was authored by International Master Tom O'Donnell when he worked for the CFC.  This manual is ideal for teaching beginners.  It is copyrighted but intended to be used by chess instructors and teachers who want a systematic approach to teaching chess.  You can't sell it but you can use it.

You can get the manual for free at or for free directly at the following link:

With respect to the level of chess play of our young players the performance of the Windsor children at the World Youth Chess Championships recently concluded in the United Arab Emirates shows that we have reached a level where we can be competitive with the best in the world.  Even the children who were recently in the CAGW (Chinese Association of Greater Windsor) beginners class (Adam, Henry and David)  have managed to make a big jump in a very short period .  Others who perhaps were not ready for prime time when they first arrived in the advanced classes have shown that our faith that they would grow into the class has been vindicated. This is a huge step and now we must do our best to take an even bigger step and start challenging for medals on the world stage.  Seven years ago our top Windsor players would win the local Chess Challenge would go on to compete in the Ontario Youth Chess Championship (OYCC) and simply get destroyed.  These days the fear is all on the other side of the board when we play in provincial tournaments.

Keep playing in rated tournaments with slow time controls.  Keep working on improving your understanding of chess.  The result will be even greater than what you have achieved up until now.  There will be setbacks and triumphs along the way but realize that you are all on the road to chess mastery and there is nothing that can stop you from achieving this but yourself.  

I had to defend the inclusion of this person or another on the WYCC team from Canada.  None of you gave the critics any ammunition which makes things very easy for next year.  I am proud of all of you and that include all of the WYCC participants and many of you who didn't have the opportunity to go.  You are all constantly amazing me and the other coaches with your continued progress. Keep it up!


Last updated January 2nd, 2014

Once I figure out the best way to get content onto the website I don't expect to change very much (aside from me having to do the work that John used to do).  I kind of like the simplicity of the present website so don't expect too much to be different though at some point I might try to update it while still keeping the same blog-like structure that John uses.  It ( is a destination to find out about Windsor chess and Windsor chess players and I don't expect that to change at all.


Last updated January 2nd, 2014

In addition to John's tournament at Riverside Library January 4th the following weekend we have the Michigan Masters and Experts and Class Championships happening up in Lansing at the Radisson.January 11th through 12th.  There will be a Guelph tournament at the University of Guelph Student Centre the end of January (Jan 25th-26th).  Both are listed at the bottom of the tournament listing page.

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New editor at
Monday Night Active Chess Club
Riverside Library, 6305 Wyandotte East
6:00 - 8:30

Intended for adults and strong juniors.

Two 30-minute-per-player games per evening, first game at 6.30, second game at 7.30

Unrated, no entry fee, no prizes.
All chess equipment provided

More info:

New tournament!

Yeah yeah, despite saying I wasn't gonna organise no more tournaments, there will be a tournament next Saturday (Jan 4) at Riverside Library. Pre-registration essential. January 4th - CMA-rated.

Some players are trying to increase their CMA rating.

Windsor players at the World Youth Championships
Last update 28 December 2013

Rohan meets Gary Kasparov
click for full-size photo
So, WYCC over for another year, and excellent results for all ten Windsor players.

Rohan scored the highest, 7/11 in the u10 open section, and the highest-scoring Canadian boy in that section. Jeannie scored 6½ in the u10 girls, and Jeffrey scored 6 in the u12 open.

There were some surprisingly good results.. Stefano did very well to score 4½ in the u14 boys, and it was gratifying to see excellent results from Ellen and David, despite their low Canadian ratings.

You can follow the fortunes of the Windsor players here, updated with the final results.

The Canadian Team Blog is updated very frequently, and has at least a million photographs.

The Official WYCC website has links to pgn files of all the games. has all the results you could ever want.

Windsor players at the World Youth Championships
Last update 27 December 2013

There are 10 Windsor players in UAE as part of the Canadian team. After some initial difficulties, caused by huge numbers... 1773 players from 121 countries, things seem to be running better now.

I don't know WHY the numbers caused problems such as 2-hour lines for food, and a 4-hour delay in the start of the first round. Everyone was pre-registered, it's not as if there were lots of walk-in players.

After 8 rounds, the transmission of online games is still having problems - moves not being transmitted, etc. Pretty pathetic for a world championship.

You can follow the fortunes of the Windsor players here. This will be updated daily as I get results.

The Canadian Team Blog is updated very frequently, and has at least a million photographs.

Official WYCC website has all the results you could ever want, updated as results are sent from UAE.

Celebration for Windsor players going to WYCC 8 December 2013

click for full-size photo
"Celebration" might be the wrong word, WYCC doesn't even start till next week, but that's what it felt like. Three hours of food, fun, and a small slice of fame.

Organised and paid for by Igor Gaisinsky and Chau Diep (Adam's parents), the event consisted of dinner, followed by recognition of the Windsor players.

Counting the ten Windsor players going to WYCC, their parents, siblings, and the Windsor chess coaches, there were about 50 people in attendance, including CFC President Vlad Drkulec and CFC Youth Coordinator Frank Lee.

Held at Pho Maxim in downtown Windsor, the meal was multiple courses, served buffet-style, with an assortment of noodles, vegetables, sweet-and-sour pork and shrimp, etc, all followed by dessert.

As if that wasn't enough, Isabella Hui (Stefano's mother) provided an ice-cream cake decorated as a chessboard, with the names of all the Windsor players.

After dinner, Windsor MP Brian Masse awarded a certificate to each player, and posed for photographs.

Lots and lots of photographs, see here (photographs by Huy Nguyen)
and here (photographs by Christina Tao).

Many thanks to Igor and Chau for conceiving, organising, and funding this great event.

Windsor players going to WYCC 17-29 December 2013

click for full-size photo
Christina Tao (mother of Ellen and Rachel) has been doing a great job of getting publicity.

Christina asked for recognition from the federal government. There is no government money for chess, but a Member of Parliament provided a certificate of achievement to each entrant.

Massey Secondary School News featured a story about Rachel, with a nice picture, and the Catholic school board Facebook page carried a picture of Ellen.

In addition, ChessBase had a news story about WYCC, with photographs and videos.

What's new...

Motor City Open 29 November - 1 December, 2013 Express report

There were an incredible 25 or so Windsor players at this event.

It was the usual format for big Michigan events - players had the option of either 3-days (2 games per day), or 2-days (4 games on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday).

Congratulations to the players winning money... I'm not super sure, the crosstables aren't available yet, but I think Jeffrey, Henry, Adam and Karthik all came home with $$.

Thanks to Vlad Drkulec and numerous emails from parents, I now have all the scores for the Windsor players. Results for players scoring 50% or more are listed below.


  • Vlad Drkulec 3.5/6 Tied for 11th


  • Jeffrey Zhu 4.5/6 2nd
  • Henry Zhang 4/6 Tied for 5th
  • Adam Gaisinsky 4/6 Tied for 5th
  • Zhehai Zhang 3.5/6
  • Rohan Talukdar 3.5/6


  • Karthik Baskarin 4.5/6 Tied for 3rd
  • Ellen Tao 4.5/6 Tied for 8th
  • Joshua Mathews 3.5/6
  • Max Zhu 3/6
  • Stefano Lee 3/6
  • Frank Hou 3/6
  • David Makarczyk 3.5/5 6th
  • Alan Bui 3/5
  • Rishi Damarla 2.5/5

2013 entries

2012 entries