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Caesars Windsor Summer of Chess Progress Report

Category: General
Posted 2016-06-01 03:33:13 by Vladimir Drkulec
Last Edited: 2016-06-01 04:19:06

We have 204 entries for this years CYCC which is set to start in just 34 days.  We had 125 entries last year by this same date.  Last year saw 155 or so entries in June and a very few in July to finish with 186 entries if my memory is correct and it probably is plus or minus two.

We have 81 entries for the Canadian Open including three GMs and two IMs and three FMs.  I am trying to get one more GM.

We have 230 entries for NAYCC which is a little more than two months away.


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News about Universal Spring Swiss

Category: General
Posted 2016-05-31 03:35:08 by Vladimir Drkulec
Last Edited: 2016-05-31 03:35:08

From: <>
Sent: May 31, 2016 2:26 PM
Hi, Vlad:
This is just a reminder that our Late Spring Swiss will be held at the Edward Village Hotel on June 3-5th this year.  There are 3 sections, OPEN, Reserve (U1600) and Novice (U1000).  Deadline for registration for the Late Spring Swiss is midnight tonight.  If any of your student
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Alberta Fire Relief Fundraising

Category: General
Posted 2016-05-15 02:22:36 by Isabella Hui
Last Edited: 2016-05-15 02:22:36

Alberta Fire Relief Fundraising

Unrated Chess Tournament for All Ages

(Kindergarten to Adults)

 Event Organizer: Vincent Massey Chess Club

 Event Date:          Friday, May 20, 2016

 Check in:           On-site - 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm

Round Time:     3 Rounds, 1st Round @ 5:30 pm

 Location:           Hindu Temple and Culture Ce

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Math genius Rohan Talukdar gets award

Category: General
Posted 2016-05-12 01:42:30 by Vladimir Drkulec
Last Edited: 2016-05-12 01:42:30

Rohan Talukdar received a youth achievement award from the South Asian Center of Windsor on Friday, May 6 because of his national master title (in Canada and the U.S.) and U14 number 1 rating in Canada. The award was given by Mayor Drew Dilkins and MPP Harinder K. Malhi. The photo is below.

In related news, Mr. White could not believe the ingenious solution that Rohan came up with to a math problem.  It is apparent that young Rohan is a master of many realms in addition to chess.


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Ontario Youth Chess Championship 2015 Deadline for Entry is Monday May 9th

Category: General
Posted 2016-05-07 04:27:38 by Vladimir Drkulec
Last Edited: 2016-05-07 04:27:38

A reminder that OYCC in Kitchener has an entry deadline of Monday, May 9th at which they will not be taking any more entries.  This is a good practice tournament for CYCC and it is also an opportunity to qualify for CYCC.

We will be organizing one or two more opportunities to qualify for CYCC in Windsor assuming that there is anyone who wants to play in CYCC and hasn't yet qualified for CYCC after the OYCC.

You can register for OYCC here:


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