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Kitchener Chessfest Results

Henry Zhang finished third in the over 1600 section of the Chessfest with 4.5/7.  Stefano Lee scored 4.5/7 to finish 4th in the over 1200 section and I scored 4/7 in the Seniors 50+ division to finish 4th.  Navid Chaichi is still playing in the Kitchener Masters against a gauntlet of GM's but still has a respectable score of 2/8 with one round left to play. Friend and former teammate Brian Profit who is originally from Windsor finished fifth in the over 1600 section with 4/7.

A highlight of the tournament for me was meeting grandmaster John P Fedorowicz and spending several hours with him at Crabby Joe's.  John wrote the definitive work on the Benko Gambit in the 1990s.  The two editions that I have are very well used.  It was fascinating to listen to his stories about chess and chessplayers that he knew from around the world.  Vlad - August 4th, 2015

North American Junior just concluded... Kitchener Chessfest continues

Henry Zhang, the only player from Windsor playing in the North American Junior  U20 which just concluded yesterday in Kitchener.  Henry scored 3.5/5 in the second half of the tournament for a respectable 50% (4.5/9) in this tournament where IM titles, IM norms and FM titles were available for the winners and high finishers.  The Kitchener Chessfest continues with many additional events including a GM/IM norm tournament with local master Navid Chaichi among the hopefuls.  I will be playing in the Seniors 50+ event and I am sure there will be a few other Windsor players.   Vlad - July 31st, 2015